Todd Walters, Author, Millionaire Agent Maker Coach with Craig Proctor, CEO at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, sold over 5000 homes during his career, retired from selling at age 39 opting to watch his team run. He did this simply by copying and implementing the Millionaire Agent Franchise System instead of Cold Calling or Begging for Referrals.

As soon as you check in you will be handed a multi-page workshop book revealing the Seven Millionaire Agent Marketing Systems to Get Crazy Big numbers of Listings and Buyers each week, The Hiring, Recruiting and Training Your TEAM System, the Millionaire Agent Business Operation System and More.

Catered lunch will be provided… When you arrive for the Millionaire Agent Master Class you will be provided lunch, so you can focus on the critical systems being revealed at this Millionaire Agent Master Class.

The Agenda includes:

  • The Big Lie of Traditional Real Estate: Why 99.4% of all Agents FAIL to Earn over $250,000 a year and why you MUST immediately reject industry norms and standards.
  • The Millionaire Agent Plan and System Revealed.
  • The Only Way to Grow Your Business is by Having an Overflow of it: Seven Exclusive Never Before Seen Marketing Systems to Bring in Great Listings and Buyers Without Cold Calling, Manual Grunt Prospecting or Expensive Advertising.
  • Shocking Fact: Since 2009 real estate commissions have been falling by .1% per quarter. How to Increase the Amount of Money You Make Per Transaction Starting Now.
  • What Your Team SHOULD Look Like: How to Recruit, Hire and Train a Super Profitable Real Estate Sales Team.
  • The Ultimate 'Rags to Rich Agent' Panel, Ask Your Questions and get Straight Answers.
  • Plus More to help you establish your own real estate sales team business, earning you a high six to seven figure income, only doing the parts of the business you like!
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